Anthony sanded and coated a reclaimed oak floor with Mystic Blue from the Pallmann Colour Range. Here's his report.

The background

This week I spent an interesting day on a project which was a bit different to my usual work. I was asked to give a cabin floor a fresh new feel and add some seaside character to extend the use of the patio space.

The oak boards had been reclaimed from a house that had suffered a water leak. They showed some signs of this but were otherwise sound. The old coating had also peeled around the edges. I sanded back the boards until they were level and the water damage marks were removed.

A sophisticated makeover

The client and I spent a while discussing different colour choices. White, grey and green were all good choices but blue was chosen as it best fitted the seaside, beach-hut feel. The use of a blue tint also removed some of the yellow tones from the floor whilst still retaining the wood's unique character.

Adding colour to the floor coating is very straightforward and doesn't add too much to the costs thus making it a more accessible option than you might think. It mixes up and goes on smoothly in one process using Pallmann Magic Oil.

Aftercare is easy and no complicated cleaning routine is necessary. As time goes by it can be freshened up by buffing on a new fresh coat.

The project was all finished within a day and just needed to dry and harden overnight.