Frequently Asked Questions

Should I decorate my room first?

Yes, in fact we recommend decorating the room first. There is the potential for paint and plaster to damage your newly finished floor if decorating is completed afterwards.

Will there be any dust?

We take dust very seriously and we have spared no expense to ensure the best result for our clients. We use highly specialised dust-extraction equipment which is categorised "H Class", the highest grade of extraction, meaning that it removes even microscopic particles of dust from the air.

Will you be carrying out the work?

Yes, we never sub-contract out our jobs. We care about our craft and won't take on work we can't personally fulfil.

Will the skirting boards be damaged? Should I remove them?

Our edge sander can get right up to the skirting boards without damaging them, so removing the skirting isn't a necessary step to have your floor sanded with us.

However, if you are planning to have the skirting removed or replaced, please note this isn't a service we offer, so you would need to arrange to have this done separately. In this case, the skirting must be removed prior to sanding.

What do I need to do before you arrive?

Before we arrive the only thing that needs to be done is clearing the floor of all furniture.

Can you glue down loose blocks in my floor?

Yes. If there are any loose blocks, we are able to glue them down as part of the sanding and restoration process.

Naturally, if there are a lot of loose blocks this will add to the overall time taken by the project. This is something we will investigate and talk through with you at your consultation.

Can you fill the gaps between the blocks in my parquet floor?

Yes, we can. We create a bespoke filler by collecting wood dust from the sanding process of your own floor, and mix this with a clear resin which is then applied to fill the gaps. This provides the best possible match for your floor, and once sanding and coating is complete, it is extremely hard to detect.

Can you fill the gaps between my floor boards?

Yes. For pine floor boards, we use reclaimed pine slivers to fill the gaps to provide a uniform look and reduce any drafts coming through the floor.

What finishing options do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of finishes to cater for every need. They include lacquers for a perfectly clear option, Magic Oil for a hard-wearing, natural finish, and hard wax oil for a beautifully vintage look.

We also offer a truly stunning white wash, and if your floor is oak we can stain it a whole host of other colours.

Have a question that's not answered here?

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