We want your newly restored wooden floors to remain beautiful for years to come. We hope these tips can help you in cleaning and caring for your floor so it will remain an attractive focal point of your home.

The basics

  • Whatever finish a wood floor has received it will inevitably need some maintenance.
  • The colour of most wooden floors will change over time depending on the type of finish, wood species and amount of exposure to direct sunlight it has.
  • The floor may expand and contract as seasons and humidity levels change.
  • Regularly vacuum the floor to remove dirt and dust.
  • Wood floors are partial to constant temperatures between 18 °C to 22°C and humidity levels of around 50 % RH.

The first week

Most lacquer finishes will require 2 days to fully cure. Gentle foot traffic can be allowed 12 hours after final application, but the finish is more prone to damage from water or scratching until it has reached its full cure. In that time, please note the following:

  • The floor should not be covered (e.g. with rugs or furniture). The room temperature should be kept constantly between 18°C and 22°C and have a humidity level of around 50% RH.
  • A gentle airflow should be maintained throughout this period.
  • Even after the lacquer has reached full strength, sharp or heavy objects, particularly when moved, will damage the surface.
  • In a hallway setting, an entrance mat will help prevent water and dirt damage to the floor, as will removing shoes and boots – especially those which are heeled – before walking on the floor.


Ensure that all furniture have fitted appropriate pads to avoid scratching and dents in the wood.

  • Lifting and not dragging any furniture, particularly heavy ones.
  • Any dirt or debris should be cleaned or vacuumed.
  • Plasticised material like rug or carpet padding, furniture legs, or chair castors could lead to discolouration.


  • Large items of debris should be carefully collected by hand.
  • The floor should then be swept with a soft brush or vacuumed.
  • To remove heavier concentrations of soiling the floor should be spot mopped.
  • The whole area can be cleaned a spray clean system – we particularly recommend a microfibre mop for the best gentle cleaning. Ensure that the mop is well wrung, and all excess water is removed prior to use.
  • The lacquer is not 100% waterproof, water will penetrate the finish if using very wet mops that don’t allow the floor to dry within 1 minute, or if spillages remain on the floor for a long period of time.
  • Ensure you use a non-abrasive hardwood floor cleaner with your spray mop.
  • Additionally, please ensure that the area is well ventilated.

If you have any questions about this or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.