We recently worked with a client who had engineered floorboards, a tricky proposition because of the fine margins involved in sanding this type of floor. We successfully sanded and resealed the floor, bringing it back to its former glory

The engineered oak floorboards had been installed about 10 years ago in a conservatory and had endured a lot. They had been frequently exposed to high levels of sunlight and wear and tear. The owner was concerned because the floorboards only had a small wear surface available for sanding, about 3mm.

While it is possible to sand sand this type of floor, a careful and considered approach is necessary as one mistake would result in serious damage to the floor. 

We finished the floor with Pallmann Magic Oil. It penetrates the wood up to a depth of 5mm, so in this case the entire upper layer of oak was protected. This provides the ultimate protection available and doesn't require re-sanding to bring back to prime condition, therefore preserving use of the floor for the future – a point which is especially important with engineered boards. It can simply be cleaned and rebuffed with oil back to prime condition.