We recently worked with a client who had very tired pine floorboards, who wanted to inject a Scandinavian style into the room, brightening and freshening the feel of the room.

Lighting up a shady attic room

The floorboards were in bad shape and in need of a lot of attention. They had been previously coated with Fiddes Lacquer which hadn't stood up to the day-to-day wear and tear from a busy family and their dog. It had also darkened the boards.

We stripped the floor back to wood and went the extra mile filling all the gaps between the floorboards, the bigger gaps with reclaimed pine slivers, and the smaller with a quick drying gel filler mixed with pine dust taken form the sanding process.

The preparation process being now complete, the floor was ready to be coated. After consultation, the client chose from Pallmann's range of 24 Color Collection options, finally deciding on Sober White for its subtle, minimalist look. This colour was ideal for achieving a Scandi-style whitewashed finish.

We used Pallmann's Magic Oil Ergo, chosen specifically in this case for for its high resilience to scratches. This product penetrates into the wood between 3 and 5mm, meaning that any scratches that do occur are much less visible. Another benefit of this product is that when it begins to look tired, it can simply be cleaned and another coat buffed in.

We mixed the chosen colour concentrate with the magic oil, and added a hardener which gives it additional longevity. The finish was applied with a specialist applicator and once it was dry, it was ready for use.

The result

The client was really pleased with the end result. The wood was beautifully enhanced, the grain subtly highlighted without completely masking it such as you'd get with paint. The fresh, cooler tone of the floor brought it into harmony with the colour scheme of the room.