An original wooden floor is a really special part of any home. However, over time, a once fresh looking wood floor can turn orange. Whether you've just moved into a new home, or you're renovating a room, you may wonder what can be done to improve the appearance of your floor.

Why a floor turns orange

The main cause of floors turning to an orange tone is due to the finish they have applied, typically a “hard wax oil”, or varnish. Due to their nature, these options turn floors a rich colour and continue to darken in colour over the years. For some, this may be desirable, but for others the change is unwelcome.

The solution

The first step is to remove the old finish. It's amazing the transformative effect this can have, lightening the look of the floor by several shades. The floor will then need to be re-finished, to protect it from everyday wear and tear, and prevent stains. We recommend a lacquer for its clear and neutral finish. Its core ingredient isn’t oil but water, resulting in a much clearer finish which isn't as prone to changing colour over time.

Is it possible to lighten a floor further?

Yes! it’s possible to lighten a floor further in two key ways. Check out our article on how to lighten a floor.